American exceptionalism is back; The culture war continues

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By Star Parker

America’s founders demonstrated that government is art, not science. The secret is in balance. Biennial congressional elections strike the right balance for the need for stability with the need for change.

Midterm elections take place with the continuity of a sitting president. Whoever is in the White House will continue in this position for another two years, regardless of the outcome of midterms. By the time you read this, we’ll know whether the new Congress will be red or blue, but one day after the elections, Donald Trump was still president.

And I know that whatever happens, Trump will stay focused, as he must, on the agenda that he campaigned on and the vision he articulated in his inaugural address.

His commitment to those ideas and principles took him across the nation to insert his persona and agenda into the campaign. As we approach the two-year mark of this presidency, facts bear out that the nation is turning around and “Make America Great Again” is more than a slogan.

We are a deeply divided country with a culture war raging. The battle for steering the country’s direction will continue. This election just determines the army that the general in the White House will have to support him in the fight.

Personally, I spent the last month in eight different states, making the case for what is at stake. I spent Election Day in my district, walking precincts and making phone calls to help my candidate of choice in a race for an open seat.

Trump has made it fashionable again to be a patriot, to feel proud to be an American because our nation is indeed unique and exceptional.

The other side has distorted this message of nationalism, claiming it disrespects our diversity and individual differences. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact that I am black Christian woman does not contradict my patriotism. I am an American who needs the freedom that only this nation can provide to realize my full potential. This is true for every American. And it is only possible in a nation that is free and informed by eternal truths.

The changes we see in realizing the MAGA goals are tangible and palpable.

Internationally, Trump’s idea that the best way to influence the world is to recapture our national greatness is working.

He has shaken up the United Nations and is creating new realities in Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Despite warnings against his bold move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Trump did it. And miracles are occurring throughout the Middle East. Israel and Persian Gulf States are forming new relationships that once were unheard of. Israel, for the first time, competed in an international Judo competition in Abu Dhabi, won a gold medal, and the Israeli national anthem was played in this Arab country.

Economically, the economy is back on the path to growth. Black and Hispanic unemployment are at all-time lows, and even high school dropouts are finding work as result of the new opportunities.

Constitutionally, the GOP Senate has confirmed 68 conservative judges, with 125 left to go.

Fiscally, every federal department getting anti-poverty money (one-fourth of the federal budget) is under Executive Order to cut spending and strike new efficiencies.

We need secure borders. Terrorists from the Middle East could penetrate Central and South America, looking to cross our borders under the guise of being refugees.

The bottom line is we must stay the course and continue to help this president get the nation’s work done.

We must continue the fight for freedom and personal responsibility and national destiny through MAGA.

Star Parker is a columnist for She is an author and president of CURE, Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Contact her at

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