Drag queen story hour for kids is now wholesome?

FPI / June 13, 2019

Dan Flynn, American Spectator A.M.

I think fetishists should not exhibit their sexual tic at your local library’s story hour. This, according to a Washington Post article, necessarily makes me “right wing.” Fifteen years ago, this just made you normal.

“Drag Queen Story Hour” in Monterrey, Mexico last weekend. / Reuters / Daniel Becerril

The Post headline reads: “City officials canceled a children’s story time hosted by drag queens. Then a church saved the day.”

That depends on one’s perspective, doesn’t it? The Post’s perspective, here written in a headline and not on the editorial page, clearly sees drag queens reading to preschool children as something positive rather than something creepy and confusing. The idea that a church saved the day disorients further.

What kind of a church seeks to unite innocent children with people who advertise their kinks on their sleeve, stockings, and stuffed bras?

Objecting to Drag Queen Story Hour does not amount to objecting to drag queens. Bondage Story Hour, Nudist Story Hour, Power Drinking Story Hour, and Degenerate Gambler Story Hour all seem like bad ideas, too. Do your thing. Just do not do it in front of small children.

Want to know one of my favorite words? Obscene. It comes from Latin. Since I took it for six years, I know that first ob part essentially means off and that last part, well, you do not need six years of Latin to know what scene means. Obscene does not mean prohibit. It means some things belong off the public stage.

Society still believes, arguably as zealously as ever, in obscenity. We just do not like to use the word. Milton Berle or Monty Python dressing in drag for comedic effect? Obscenity! Transvestites reading to pre-adolescents in a public library? Wholesome. We still ban things, just different things.

File “Drag Queen Story Hour” under total politics, the urge to politicize everything. Football games, comedy routines, bakeries, awards shows, and, yes, public libraries now become political battlegrounds.

FPI, Free Press International

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