Mark Levin slams NRO for Sarah Palin sneer

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Mark Levin went after NRO writer Patrick Brennan for taking cheap shots at Sarah Palin over her NRA speech this weekend.

SarahPalin“Here’s what you don’t understand pal,” Levin said to Brennan, who referred to Palin as “no longer a serious political contender.”

“She’s the most sought after endorsement around, period, in Republican circles…and she’s fighting like hell to save the country.” Levin went on, “you may not agree with her — you may not agree with how she speaks or what she says but SCREW YOU! You do nothing.”

Levin then slammed Brennan by saying “you sit there on your ass and you type away at your keyboard and then you go to your little social circles and you’re proud of yourself, probably sending the link all over the place. Who have you helped? Who have you supported? What have you done?” …

“This is how “our side” treats “our side,”” Levin adds. “You’ll never see the left or Democrats do that to a woman on their side ever!”


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