Star of ‘Unplanned’ hopes pro-life movie will change hearts, minds

by WorldTribune Staff, March 27, 2019

The star of the new pro-life movie “Unplanned” said she hopes the film will start a much-needed conversation in America about abortion.

“This is something we desperately need to talk about,” Ashley Bratcher said in a March 25 interview with The Daily Signal. “I heard one of the Georgia House of representatives say last week that abortion is so outside the scope of polite conversation that we can’t even bear to look at it. We can’t even come face to face with the ripping apart of a human being.

“He’s right. We have to face this as a society, we have to talk about it. We have to acknowledge it. Because if we don’t, we’re turning a blind eye and nothing is happening to move this forward and progress.”

Bratcher portrays Abby Johnson in “Unplanned”. Johnson was a Planned Parenthood clinic director who said she left then nation’s largest abortion provider in 2009 after watching an abortion on ultrasound.

“Unplanned” is set for release in U.S. theaters on March 29.

“This is a movie that is going to put a face to the victim,” Bratcher told the Daily Signal. “For the first time, America is going to have to recognize that. They’re going to have to look at what’s being done and say, ‘Am I OK with this?’ You can’t walk out and be ambivalent anymore. You’re going to have to make a choice.”

Bratcher said of Johnson that “What’s so powerful about her story is that she made the complete 180. She was an insider at Planned Parenthood and she was able to say, ‘I was wrong.’ To come out and tell her story, which it was very courageous and brave because she faced a lot of backlash from Planned Parenthood. Being able to really share what she went through, and the grace that she found along the way and forgiveness has been just incredible.”

Bratcher also revealed that her mother had considered aborting her.

During a phone conversation, Bratcher said he told her mother that “I was really proud to tell her Abby’s story. As I did, she became undone more so than I expected. She was weeping through the phone. She said, ‘Ashley, I need to tell you something that I never told you before.’ I could just tell that this was breaking her heart. She said, ‘Actually, what you don’t know is that when I was 19, I was at the clinic for the second time and I had my name called back, I was being examined by a very pregnant nurse. I was on the table and I got very sick to my stomach. I told her I couldn’t go through with it. I got up, I walked out, and I chose to have you.’ ”

Bratcher said that “It was such a profound moment because I never knew that. It was incredibly shocking and overwhelming, and so many other words I can’t even create right now in my mind, because I was here telling Abby Johnson’s story, one of the greatest pro-life voices of our time, never realizing that I was almost a victim of abortion. I was almost never here on this earth to share this story. It was definitely something that put life into perspective for me.”

Bratcher told the Daily Signal that “Unplanned” is being released “at a time that I think our country desperately needs it. I think that there is a lot of misinformation out there, and people are just wrapped up in the lie that it’s just a clump of cells, or it’s just tissue, it’s just fetal matter. But that is just not the case.”

Science, Bratcher said, “backs the pro-life movement in the sense that a unique individual human life is created at the point of fertilization. We need a face to the victim. This is a movie that actually gives the victim a face. Because for so long, there has been a silent Holocaust happening, if you will. This is something that’s done in secret behind closed doors. For the most part, women don’t even see their ultrasounds. For the first time, we are taking people behind those closed doors to reveal what is really happening in the abortion industry.”

On the movie being given an “R” rating, Bratcher said “I think it’s completely accurate. We didn’t receive the ‘R’ rating for nudity because there’s no nudity. There’s no sex, there’s no language. The only reason we received the ‘R’ was for violence and disturbing images. Well, unfortunately, that is exactly what abortion is. It’s a disturbing and violent act. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) actually agrees with us, which is ironic. I think that the ‘R’ rating is warranted because we don’t hold back. We don’t do it for the blood and gore, but we do it to reveal the truth.”

Bratcher added: “I think that parents who do take their children need to have a very serious conversation about what abortion really is, this is going to definitely wake them up.”

Bratcher told the Daily Signal: “I do think that there is a serious issue in our country with the law. Because a girl as young as 13 can be pregnant and go in many states across the nation and have an abortion, but she can’t go see the movie without parental consent. She can have an abortion without parental consent, but she can’t see the movie. That to me says more about protecting women in our society than we are. Just to be able to see a movie is a lot different than going and being able to take a life.”

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