U.S. rejects Russian proposal to restrict U.S. missile defenses

Bill Gertz, Washington Free Beacon

The United States has rejected Moscow’s latest proposal for an agreement that would include legally binding curbs on U.S. missile defenses in Europe, the State Department said. …

Vladimir Putin. / Aleksey Nikolskyi/ RIA / Reuters
Vladimir Putin. / Aleksey Nikolskyi/ RIA / Reuters

A State Department official told the Washington Free Beacon the proposal was rejected based on opposition to Moscow’s demand that the United States agree to legal limits on missile defenses in Europe, including restrictions on the deployment of Aegis missile defense ships in European waters. …

The State Department since at least 2010 has held a series of secret talks with the Russians aimed at resolving differences on missile defenses.

The U.S. missile defense program in Europe is designed to counter long-range missile threats from Iran and North Korea. In the spring of 2010, the State Department drafted a “cooperation” framework agreement with Russia on missile defense that was rejected by Moscow.


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