‘Us’ movie: Pro-American, fiercely anti-socialist

by WorldTribune Staff, March 25, 2019

Moviegoers flocked to the theaters over the weekend to the new fright flick “Us.” The horror movie led the box office with $70 million.

Writer-director-producer Jordan Peele’s film serves as an “intense warning about the horrors of socialism,” John Nolte wrote in a review for Breitbart News.

Nolte noted that “Us” is “a mainstream film that is not only unreservedly pro-American, but fiercely anti-socialist.”

In the film, which is rated R, the Wilson family is “a ridiculously appealing, upper-middle class nuclear family enjoying the splendors that come from working hard in America: nice car, summer home, and dad just bought himself a used boat – which is itself a metaphor for the wonders of capitalism,” Nolte wrote. “Sure, that boat’s going to require some work, some elbow grease, some investment; that’s because if you’re an honest man, nothing worth having comes easy. And once that boat is cherry, the payoff will be how it brings this family even closer together.”

Nolte continued: “And this is a normal family. A loving family. This isn’t Hollywood’s perverted view of family. The kids listen to the parents. The parents have earned that moral authority. Mom and dad are in love. There’s no dysfunction, no hidden underbelly. Best of all, the fact that the Wilsons are black has nothing to do with anything. Us embraces the ideal of e pluribus unum, most especially through the Wilsons’ friendship with the Tylers, who just happen to be white.”

Race is never an issue in Us, Nolte notes. “Never brought up. You wouldn’t think a Hollywood Oscar-winner like Peele could even grasp the concept that this is how most Americans live. You see, unlike the media, hysterical left-wing politicians, and too much of Hollywood, out here in the real world we’re not obsessed with skin color. We hardly think about; and just like the Wilsons and the Tylers, we have achieved the color blindness our twisted elites have not.”

But, Nolte continued, “This is a horror movie, which means something’s going to come along to destroy all this harmony, and wouldn’t you know, it’s… us.

“But it’s really not us, it is the worst of us – the greedy, envious, grasping side of us, that part of us that wants something for nothing, that wants what everyone else worked for, that believes we are entitled to it. And we will take it through violence and murder, because that’s our idea of justice.”

Nolte continued: “The Wilson’s are terrorized by their own doppelgangers: crude, malevolent, angry, bitter doubles who are, without question, Peele’s stand-ins for socialists. He’s even a bit on-the-nose by dressing them all in … red.

“From out of nowhere they show up to organize, terrorize, menace, bully, and destroy what everyone else has, what everyone else worked for — and I’m talking about good and decent people who have done nothing to deserve this.

“You see, the Wilsons are the movie’s real us – the most average of Americans, guilty of nothing more than live and let live.”

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